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Couple's Communication

The way the couple communicates will affect the way they connect to each other.

Our communication with others depends on our belief about life.


If the wife believe that” The men are providers and women are taking care of the children and the house”, and in reality, she needs to get a job, it will cause her stress, guilt, anger and resentment.

You can avoid being in uncomfortable place and live loving life, you can learn how to communicate your thought and feelings and how to connect better.

You can get tools that will help you,

Try this exercise:

My role in the relationship:

My responsibilities in the relationship:

My expectations from my partner:

Things I can improve in the relationship:

Each one of you will write or communicate it and then compare with each other and find a common ground.

How to keep the compassion in the relationship?

We are all like to be acknowledged and appreciated. It is important for couples to teach each other about the things you like. Partners need to learn how to express their needs and wants.

Try this for one week:

Things that I like…..

During the next week make a list of things that your partner do or say and you like them, keep that list to yourself until the end of the week.

(Write the date)

Then sit and talk to each other:

How it felt doing it

What is that you liked the most?

What was hard about that exercise?

What things would you like your partner to do more of the same?

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