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Make your vision work for you

Four steps to make your vision work for you.

Everyone wants to live a peaceful, loveable, comfortable, free life.

Everyone weather you have your own business, or not, want to feel successful.

Most of us, just cruising through life on automatic pilot, making goals on the way, sometime achieving them and sometime we don’t achieve, explaining to ourselves different reasons “why not”.

What if you could stop and make consciously choices, set goals and take the actions towards that goal.

What about having a vision statement that resonates with YOU?

Yes, I know, that you know YOUR GOALS,

Yes, I know that you know WHY you want to achieve these goals.

Yes, I know that you know what ACTIONS to take.

But, what if having a visionary statement in your head is not enough?

What if writing it,

THINK about it,

FEEL how it is going to add to your life or change your life

Will make a difference in achieving it?

Define your real vision – Sure we're all in business to make money. But often we have a higher purpose in mind: maybe to help others have a community or global impact or help the environment for example, maybe it is personal. Don’t neglect the importance of your higher purpose if you have one.

Connect with the picture – Our mind see pictures. Images bring our imaginations to life; therefore this is your road map. Be creative, you might draw your business vision on poster paper board. Gluing photographs on a paper or poster board works well too. Select visuals that have the power to raise your energy and motivation to the highest levels. Step into your vision as if it 'is' already happening.

Take a few minutes every day to reconnect with your vision. Allowing your body and mind to feel and live your success! When you do this, you will begin to act and think differently and others will connect with you at a higher level.

Be thankful and grateful

Take time everyday to appreciate what you have, look around you, and count all your blessing.

Appreciate your efforts everyday; celebrate every small step toward your goals.

Trust yourself - If you believe that you can do it ? – You can!!!

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