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It is normal for relationships to suffer as the pressure and strains of everyday life mount. Love may seem to disappear, replaced by resentment and anger.


Each partner can view this differently depending on their own experience of family life. One may despair, while the other may view it as a temporary blip.


The relationship, rather than the two individuals, is the client.



Signs you have relationship difficulties:

·       Communication issues or no communication at all

·       Intimacy issues where sex has ended or causes problems 

·       Arguments continue without resolution

·       Violence

·       Loss of trust

Couples Counseling

When is the right time for Couple's Therapy?

Arguments and bickering go on and on

Desire has gone or sex is no fun

There has been a betrayal of trust; an affair, debt or secret

Separation or divorce seems like the only option



How can couples counseling help?

·       Destructive patterns of relating to each other can be recognized and addressed.

·       Conflict and communication can be improved.

·       New relationship skills can be learned.

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