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Family therapy is a system oriented therapy, to assist the family in finding the way through challenges and learn about how to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely, to understand each other’s experiences and views,

It provide an opportunity to help with communication skills, mediate, and facilitate the changes that the family hopes

Family therapy, also referred to as couple and family therapy, and family counseling

Individuals can find Family Therapy helpful, as an opportunity to reflect on important relationships and find ways to move forward.

The therapist’s approach enable the people to talk, together or individually, often about difficult or distressing issues, in ways that respect their experiences, and invite engagement and support for recovery. Research shows Family Therapy is useful for children.





Parenting & Family Therapy


Process of promoting and supporting the different aspects of the child and the dynamic of relationship with his parents Physical emotional Social   of a child from infency to adulthood.

Parenting refers to the aspects of raising a child aside from the biological relationship.

Parenting issues can trigger deep levels of stress, for the parents and the family.


Learning How to Positively Communicate With Child in Therapy


Parenting style – what is your style of parenting? How dose it fit your child?

A parenting practice is a specific behavior that a parent uses in raising a child. Modeling and communicating with the child, to promote a desired behavior.


Parenting skills

Stay consistent, children need structure,

Communicate honestly about events or discussions that have happened keep an open communication

When guiding, explaining, teaching, be simple and clear, avoid criticize

Be more interest in your child’s life, socially academically and interests they have


In a world of technology, achievements and big expectations, our children, sometimes get overwhelmed.

You can help them to find their directions, define their values, stop the race and focus on themselves in a positive way.

You can learn how to guide them to explore their strengths and trust themselves more.

Learn problem solving and decision making.


Help them to increase their abilities and self worth.




Feeling overwhelmed?

Want your kids to be happy, confident and successful?

Surviving teenagers?

Looking to be a good parent in a world of technology?

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