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Parenting Groups 

Women's Circles 

Change, is it possible?

Self esteem - where's your confidence?

Can we live fear-free?

How to deal with everyday stress

Our heart, mind & body

Love & relationships

And more!

Join a parent group that will support you and will give you the tools you need!


You are not alone - for parents

How to raise confident & happy kids

How to deal with teen drama

"No." - Are you saying it too much?

Being a good parent in a world of technology



Come, learn & experience!

Coach yourself & others and generate a genuine pause in life.

Get aquainted with yourself and others.

A road to personal growth. 

A possibility to examine various topics of everyday life and tools to help you cope!


Each workshop is a 90 minute unique experience enriched with relaxation, coaching, music and stories.

Nobody said it was easy, but it doesn't need to be hard.

Balance Work , Life, Family.

Live the life you choose to live!

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