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Positive Thinking

How to shift from negative thinking to positive thinking.

No one wants to think negatively and sabotage their life, at least not on purpose...

If your life is not really what you like them to be, ask yourself:

Are negative thoughts and beliefs preventing you from moving forward with your goals and dreams?

If you are not sure, ask yourself if you often feel: powerless, hopeless, angry, tired, intimidated, frustrated, ineffective, depressed, or stuck?

It means that your life is controlled by negative thought.

Yes, you can argue and blame: reality, employment, economy, your boss, your partner, your life. Sometime, it is, but most of the time, the reason for those emotions are the deep-rooted fears we have buried in our subconscious.

Believes that you picked on when you were young, and you still live by them.

What you believe and what you think effect the way you feel and the way you behave.

Some reaches say that 70% of our thoughts are negative.

If you evaluate the situation as “bad, scary, dangerous or depressed”, than your feelings would be the same and all your motivation and will of power will be useless. Now!

How you can get rid of these toxins’ negative thought?

It is important!

It is necessary especially, if you desire to live an emotionally, mentally and spiritually fulfilled life.

The first step: is to recognize these negative roots.

Just start writing about how you feel about yourself, your goals, your dreams, and your life in general. Keep writing until you've covered everything, any area in your life, which “is not working well”.

By writing it down you are open your "conscious awareness, to the thought that are limiting your own power.

The second step: ask yourself if what you believe is really 100% true?

Than find other ways to evaluate the situation. (Other people in your situation are feeling and behaving different than you are)

Remember! It is not what happened – it is what you think that happened

The third step: write a list of the things that you are grateful for.

The forth step: find your strength, what helps you to achieve, to successes, to solve problems and connect with it, use it, be in charge, make conscious choice and take the necessary actions.

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